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2009 November Luncheon
KC - The Next American Dream
Wednesday, November 11 2009 11:30 AM
Location: The Hollywood Room
100 East 20th Street
Kansas City, MO

Martin Mini, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communication

Kansas City Area Development Council

KC's Documentary Film...The Next American Dream

American Downtowns. Once we loved them. Then we left them. Now we’re returning to them in increasing numbers as the urban cores in cities all across the country are coming back to life. Mr. Mini will explain Kansas City’s five-year film-making process in shooting, producing and distributing a one-hour national documentary profiling KC’s downtown revitalization and urban renaissance.

Who's Coming?
Amy Cline  
Jay Wilson  
Michael Heule  
Andrew  Congleton  
Jayne Sie  
Michele Sherpy  
Angie Marts  
Jeffrey Schutzler  
Mike Chael  
Annamarie  Cicero  
Mike  Womack  
Annie Premis  
Jennifer Bowlen  
Neil Steiner  
Babette Macy  
Jennifer Carroll  
Pat Murfey  
Bess Kessinger  
Jeremy Aug  
Pat Dunn  
Beth  Beksel  
Jill McCarthy  
Paul  Gerber  
Bill Anthony  
Jo Barr  
Paul  Wagner  
Brent Billau  
Joanna Woodword  
Perry Quick  
brian bacon  
John Fairfield  
Randy Huber  
Brooke Moorehead  
John Arnold  
Richard  Will  
Bruce Knapp  
John Almeida  
Rick  Beaton  
Celine Armstrong  
Jon Copaken  
Robin Floyd  
Chad  Esslinger  
Julia Paugh  
roger summers  
Cheptoo Kositany-Buckner  
Kathy Schikevitz  
Ryan Hankins  
Christian Starnes  
kelly schafer  
Ryan Duffy  
Clifton Alexander  
Kendall  Tomes  
Ryan Gerstner  
Dale Duncan  
Kenna Arnold  
Scott Brown  
Dave Sheldon  
Kent Rogers  
Sean O'Byrne  
David Anderson  
kent  friend  
Shanelle Varone  
Dino Agnos  
Kimberly  Boswell  
Stacy Ernst  
Dionna Farbstein  
Laurie Chipman  
Stephanie Mill  
Dirk McClure  
Libby Rivers  
Tanyale Ransom  
Dorene Henry  
Liz Wilson  
Ted Tronnes  
Emily McNeill  
Lynn DiPlacito  
Terry Berkbuegler  
Erika Moody  
Marcia Youker  
Terry Sprick  
Erin Merritt  
Mark Rowlands  
Tim Locher  
Gib Kerr  
Mark Bichel  
Tracey Vaeth  
Greg Shannon  
Martin Mini  
Tricia Napper  
Guy Holt  
Marty Hoffey  
Valerie  Frye  
Hali Morgan  
Matt Shepherd  
Vicki Sutcliffe  
Henry Leonard  
Melissa  Evans  
Virginia Franzese Olin  
Janes Helmandollar  
Michael Johnson  
William  Hayes  
Jason Sanders  
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